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Manuel Théry, EMBO "young investigator" price

Manuel Théry researcher at the Cell & Plant Physiology Laboratory is one of the few European researchers who have joined this year's prized EMBO Young Investigators circle.

Published on 11 December 2013
EMBO announced on 6 November the winners of the Young Investigator award in 2013 , awarded this year to 23 citizens of the European Union, Israel and Singapore. Manuel Théry is one of three award-winning French biologists.

« I think the jury's attention was held by the whole concept of the strategy implemented in my team, says the researcher Grenoble. This strategy involves the use of new technologies based on the control of the micro- environment of the cells, to study very fundamental questions about the mechanisms that control the spatial organization of the intracellular space. The physics of their cell seemed original and promising. »
The award, with a cash prize of € 15,000 / year for three years, allows young researchers (under 40 years) to join a European network of excellence which now has 315 biologists. In this context, EMBO finance, including student exchanges, joint conferences and some conferences.

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