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Former collaborators and members of the team

Published on 30 January 2020
Imen Bouchnak
Inra & Labex GRAL PhD student 2015 - 2018
Actually University Cornell, USA
Margaux Papin
CEA technician, currently at the Cytoo startup, Grenoble
Daphné Seigneurin-Berny
CNRS researcher in our team until 2015
Curently at the IAB, Grenoble
Émeline Sautron
CEA & Labex GRAL PhD student 2012 - 2015
Martino Tomizioli
UJF PhD student 2011-2014, currently Associate Solution Consultant, Veeva Systems, Barcelone, Spain
Stefan Kreida
Uppsala University Master student 2013, currently PhD student, Lund University, Sweden
James Connorton
Post-doctoral fellow 2011-2013, currently Research Associate at the John Innes Centre, UK
Faustine Delpierre
Technician student 2011-2013, currently Management System Assistant at Arkema
Elisa Dell'Aglio
UJF PhD student 2010-2013, currently Post-doctoral fellow at the Geneva University, Switzerland
Céline Cataye
Technician student 2009-2010, currently Technician, COVANCE Laboratory, Geneva, Switzerland
Jacques Joyard
CNRS Research Director -2010, iRTSV Vice-director 2010-2011, currently Honorary CNRS Research Director
Mylène Charbonnot
Technician Student 2007-2009, currently Technician CHU, Grenoble
Sylvain Boutigny
UJF PhD student (CEA fellowship 2006-2009), currently Scientist at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., San Francisco, USA
Sophie Le Gall
PhD student (ANR fellowship 2006-2009), currently Research Engineer INRA, Nantes
Annie Frelet
CEA and CNRS Post-doctoral fellow 2006-2009, currently CNRS Researcher, Saclay
 Ariane Atteia
CNRS Post-doc 2005-2006, currently CNRS Researcher, Marseille