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Published on 12 January 2021
Decembre 12, 2020 - How man has domesticated plants (in Fench)
Since the beginnings of agriculture about 10,000 years ago, man has selected plants best suited to his needs, for food, heating, clothing and medicine. The domestication of plants and also animals has had an enormous impact on the rise of civilizations. Selection was unintentional at the beginning and increasingly conscious over time. Since the ancestral species, how has man modified plants and with what impact on civilizations? And in the years to come, what prospects do genetic manipulation technologies open up in the face of climate change?
The presentation starts at 6'15

Decembre 07, 2020 - Tribute to Jean Guern, Member of the Academy (in Fench)
Jean GUERN (1936-2020), Professor Emeritus of Plant Physiology at the University of Paris-Sud in Orsay, elected member of the French Academy of Agriculture in 1981, and deceased on October 08, 2020, was a world-renowned specialist in hormones. On this occasion, François Parcy gave a presentation (2h47min30s) on The Birth of Flowers.

April 07, 2020 - Flowers: Evolution and development (French course)
Password: Flower!

April 07, 2020 - The domestication of plants (French course)
Password: Domes!

December 13, 2029 - Amphybio Colloquia. François Parcy: the flowering plants (in Fench)
Physicists and biologists sometimes use the same words, but in different contexts and according to definitions or epistemological references that do not necessarily agree. The Amphybio project consists in choosing one of these common words and studying it.