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Chloroplast Proteome Dynamics and Biogenesis Team

Published on 5 September 2023
Team leader

Norbert Rolland
PhD, CNRS Research Director

Phone: 04 38 78 49 86
Fax: 04 38 78 50 91


Laboratoire Physiologie Cellulaire & Végétale
17 avenue des Martyrs
38 054 Grenoble cedex 9

Members of the team

KUNTZ Marcel, CNRS Research Director, Marcel.Kuntz[@]
MOYET Lucas, CNRS Assistant Engineer, Lucas.Moyet[@]
PULLARA Sara, PhD Student, Sara.Pullara[@]
ROLLAND Norbert, CNRS Research Director, Norbert.Rolland[@]
WAHIDI Mohamad, PhD Student, Mohamad.Wahidi[@]
YUAN Yizhong, PhD Student, Yizhong.Yuan[@]

Former members of the team


The chloroplast the place of production of a large number of biomolecules (fatty acids, amino acids, sugars, vitamins, terpenes, alkaloids, phenols etc.) that have a great interest for bioenergy, for food and for human health. As the main source of energy for the plant cell, this photosynthetic organelle is essential for the synthesis of the whole plant biomass, and is the main "CO2 pump", thus also acting on the environment and climate.

Research activities

One of the most fascinating aspects (and least studied) of photosynthetic organisms is their ability to manage rapid changes in adverse environmental conditions, and to reorient their metabolism in response to what is usually denominated "stress" (light, nutrients, cold, etc...). The fate of the plant, under the different conditions it will encounter during its life cycle, relies on the speed and the effectiveness of these responses. These types of response involve short-term adaptation changes, longer-term changes in gene expression and thus protein composition. Our approaches aim to decipher the regulatory networks involved and to better understand the ability of plants to respond to changing conditions of the environment.

Methods used in the team are, large-scale proteomics (in collaboration with colleagues from the BGE laboratory), reverse genetics in plants, confocal microscopy, HPLC detection of pigments and vitamins, functional characterization of chloroplast ion transporters, biochemistry, enzymology, structural biology. Analytical modeling approaches are also used to integrate data from cell biology to biochemistry. Our favorite model organisms are higher plants (Arabidopsis, tomato, spinach…).

Research activities: Selected recent highlights

Publications of the team

Selected publications

Moyet L, Salvi D, Bouchnak I, Miras S, Perrot L, Kuntz M and Rolland N
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Chloroplast, Metabolism, Chloroplast envelope, Transports, ATPases, Copper, Chloroplast biogenesis, Plant, Physiology, Biochemistry, Proteomics, Systems Biology.

Present collaborative projects are supported by:

• Grant ANR CE12 2018. Project "Polyglot". Project coordinator for the team Norbert Rolland. 2018-2023.
• Grant H2020-SFS-2018-1. Projet "CSA CropBooster-P".Project participant Norbert Rolland. 2018-2022.

Former funding

• Grant INRA & Labex GRAL. Project "Chloroplast biogenesis". Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2015-2018.
• Grant INRA. Project "HMA1". Team coordinators Daphné Berny/Norbert Rolland. 2014-2015.
• Grant PhD Labex GRAL & CEA. Project "ATPases". Project coordinator Daphné Berny. 2012-2015.
• Grant Engineer Labex GRAL. Project "Chloroplast". Project Coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2012-2015.
• Grant ANR Genomics and Plant Biotechnologies. Project "Chloro-Types". Project Coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2011-2014.
• Grant ANR Blanc 2010. Project "Chloro-Pro". Coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2011-2014.

• Grant PhD CEA IRTELIS. Project coordinators Gilles Curien/Norbert Rolland. 2010-2013.
• Grant INRA. Project "Fib". Project coordinators Michel Matringe/Marcel Kuntz. 2011.
• Grant ANR Génoplante. Project "Glyco-Chloroplast". Team coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2007-2010.
• Grant CNRS Post-doc. Project “Membrane proteins”. Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2008-2009.
• Grant CEA. Project "CEA-PM: Screening of Alternative Expression systems for the Production of Membrane Proteins". Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2007-2009.
• Grant PhD CEA. Project “Atpases”. Project coordinators Daphné Berny/Norbert Rolland. 2006-2009.
• Grant CNRS Post-doc. Project “Chlamydomonas proteomics”. Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2005-2006.
• Grant Rhône-Alpes Region/CEA. Project "Development of an in vitro expression technology for the production of membrane proteins". Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2003-2005.
• Grant Génoplante 2 - New Tools (phase 2). Project "Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana gene products: Hydrophobic proteome of membranes". Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2002 -2005.
• Grant PhD CEA. Project “Alternative chloroplast targeting pathways”. Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2001-2004.
• Grant Génoplante 2 - New tools. Project "Chloroplast microarrays". Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2001-2003.
• Grant CEA National Program of Nuclear Toxicology. Project "Impact of radionuclides on the metabolism of higher plants". Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2001-2003.
• Grant Génoplante I - Functional Analyses (AF 1999-035). Project "Functional genomics of membrane transport systems in Arabidopsis thaliana". Team coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2000-2001.
• Grant Génoplante I - New tools (NO 1999-3663). Project "Characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana gene products: Structural and functional analysis of cell and subcellular proteomes". Team coordinator Norbert Rolland. 2000-2001.
• Grant CEA "Action Incitative Chimie". Project "Physiology and genetics of transport of radionuclides in plants". Team coordinator Norbert Rolland. 1999-2001.
• Grant CNRS “Physique et Chimie du Vivant”. Project 1998-122 "Subcellular plant proteome: Subcellular localization of gene products of Arabidopsis thaliana". Project coordinator Norbert Rolland. 1998-2000.