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Photo Gallery

Published on 24 April 2023

April 2023: Team retreat in Le Monêtier-les-Bains on April 17 - 19

March 2018

Oct 2015: Our team at the Ekiden Grenoble

In this race where 6 riders must run a relay marathon (Laurent Blanchoin missing in this picture), we arrived 107th team out of 670 who took the start.

May 2015: Bastille Urban Via Ferrata and Pic-Nic at the top.

June 2015: Science retreat with the Zubieta team.
Overview of the flower meeting, flash presentations of all projects, group discussions on selected topics and discussion about team life and organisation. Baby shower for Lucien, newest baby in the team.

January 2015: Team outing in the snow. Practicing team work with Igloo construction fitting 17 people.

June 2013: Our team again running the Grenoble Ekiden race

June 2013: Riding and Hiking in Vercors

July 2012: Yoga class with the Yogi Master Dr Gilles Vachon

Nov 2011: Running the Grenoble Ekiden

Dec 2010: Hike in the snow

Nov 2010: Running the Grenoble Ekiden

Sept 2010: Brainstorming in the Vercors

July 2010: Italian restaurant and football game

Sept 2009: Bbq at Renaud’s house

From left to right, upper row: Sophie Périgon, Cristel Carles, Edwige Moyroud, Mylène Robert, Sandrine Blanchet, Gabrielle Tichtinsky, Marie Monniaux. Lower row: Eugenio Gomez-Minguet, Renaud Dumas, Gilles Vachon, Emmanuel Thevenon, François Parcy

March 2009

Sept 2008: Working session at the Lautaret botanical garden

Dec 2006: Hike at the Pic Saint Michel

July 2006: First brainstorming outside the lab