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News of the team

Published on 13 April 2021
January 2021: Welcome to Vangeli Geshkovski, 2nd year PLANT-Int student, who joined us for his Master’s thesis, during which he will contribute studying the molecular mechanisms of ULT1.
Out in IJMS: Our review on Chromatin Manipulation and Editing, written in collaboration with our ANR partners (team of Alexandre Berr and Marie-Edith Chabouté).

November 2020: Out in Embo J: The story of the nucleo-plastidic PAP8 protein that couples chloroplast formation with photomorphogenesis, co-authoring former PhD student Monique Liebers and post-doc François-Xavier, as well as Louise Chambon.

September 2020: Welcome to Isaty Melogno and Mirko De Vivo, 2nd year students in the PLANT-Int Master, who joined us for their first semester internship to respectively work on the PAP8 and Rewire projects.
Congrats to François-Xavier Gillet who is leaving us for an Ass. Prof. position at Université Claude Bernard Lyon. We are very sad to see you leaving prematurely FX, but this is such a great accomplishment!

January 2020: Out in Gene: Our review on BRAHMA function in plants, with 1st author Caroline Thouly.

October 2019: Welcome to Jean-Baptiste Izquierdo, new PhD student in the lab, who joined us to work on the InChroMA CEA-funded project!

September 2019: Welcome to Kateryna Fal, new post-doc in the lab, who joined us to work on the Rewire ANR-funded project!

1st July 2019: Gilles Vachon from the team defended his HDR today. Congrats Gilles!

April 2019: Out in Nature Communications: Collaborative study with K. Kaufmann lab on enhancer dynamics during flower morphogenesis.

Feb 2019: Launching meeting of the ANR PRC Rewire project in Strasbourg.

Sept 2018: Louise Chambon and Caroline Thouly are starting their PhD, thanks to an UGA Doctoral fellowship and an ENS Doctoral fellowship, respectively. Congrats girls!
Welcome to François-Xavier Gillet who joined for a post-doc on the PepRegulChloro3D ANR-funded project.

Sept 2018: Out in Nature Plants: Collaborative study with K. Kaufmann lab on H3K27me3 demethylases. Out in Planta: PAP genes are tissue- and cell-specific markers of chloroplast development.

July 2018: Our Rewire PRC project in collaboration with IMBP Strasbourg (A. Berr, M-E. Chabouté,) is funded by the ANR!

April 2018: Check: Our review in The Flowering News Letter of J Exp Bot on the interactions between transcription factors and chromatin regulators in the control of flower development.

July 2017: The PEPRegulChloro3D PRC project in collaboration with IBS Grenoble and IGBMC Strasbourg is funded by the ANR!