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Publications of the team until 2020

Published on 5 January 2021

Decelle J, Veronesi G, Gallet B, Stryhanyuk H, Benettoni P, Schmidt M, Tucoulou R, Passarelli M, Bohic S, Clode P, Musat N
Subcellular chemical imaging: New perspectives in cell biology. Trends in Cell Biology, 2020, 30(3): 173-188

de Vargas C, Pollina T, Romac S, Le Bescot N, Henry N, Berger C, Colin S, Haëntjens N, Carmichael M, Le Guen D, Decelle J, Mahé F, Malpot E, Beaumont C, Hardy M, the planktonauts, the Plankton Planet team, Guiffant D, Probert I, Gruber DF, Allen A, Gorsky G, Follows M, Cael BB, Pochon X, Troublé R, Lombard F, Boss E, Prakash M
Plankton Planet: ‘seatizen’ oceanography to assess open ocean life at the planetary scale. DOI

Uwizeye C, Decelle J, Jouneau PH, Gallet B, Keck JB, Moriscot C, Chevalier F, Schieber LN, Templin R, Curien G, Schwab Y, Schoehn G, Zeeman CS, Falconet D, Finazzi G
In-cell quantitative structural imaging of phytoplankton using 3D electron microscopy. DOI

Uwizeye C, Mars Brisbin M, Gallet B, Chevalier F, LeKieffre C, Schieber LN, Falconet D, Wangpraseurt D, Schertel L, Stryhanyuk H, Musat N, Mitarai S, Schwab Y, Finazzi G, Decelle J
Cytoklepty in the plankton: A host strategy to optimize the bioenergetic machinery of endosymbiotic algae. DOI


Decelle J, Stryhanyuk H, Gallet B, Veronesi G, Schmidt M, Balzano S, Marro S, Uwizeye C, Jouhet J, Maréchal E, Lupette J, Schwab Y, Schieber N, Tucoulou R, Richnow H, Finazzi G, Musat N (2019)
Algal remodeling in a ubiquitous planktonic photosymbiosis.
Current Biology
, 2019, 29(6): 1-11

Hansen PJ, Anderson R, Stoecker DK, Decelle J, Altenburger A, Blossom HE, Drumm K, Mitra A, Flynn KJ
Chapter: Mixotrophy among freshwater and marine protists.
Encyclopedia of Microbiology, 4th Edition, 2019. DOI

Dittami SM, Arboleda E, Auguet JC, Bigalke A, Briand E, Cárdenas P, Cardini U, Decelle J, Engelen A, Eveillard D et al
A community perspective on the concept of marine holobionts: Current status, challenges, and future directions.
PeerJPreprints, 2019

Decelle J, Carradec Q, Pochon X, Henry N, Romac S, Mahé F, Dunthorn M, Kourlaiev A, Voolstra C.R., Winker P, and de Vargas C
Worldwide occurrence and activity of the reef-building coral symbiont Symbiodinium in the open ocean.
Current Biology, 2018, 28(22): 3625-3633

Jiang H, Kilburn MR, Decelle J, Musat N
NanoSIMS chemical imaging combined with correlative microscopy for biological sample analysis.
Current Opinion in Biotechnology
, 2016, 41: 130-135