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Roberval 2016 'coup de cœur' prize

The book "Lumière en lumière" coordinated by Benoît Boulanger, Saïda Guellati-Khélifa, Daniel Hennequin and Marc Stehle in which Denis Falconet from our laboratory wrote a chapter, received the "Coup de Cœur des Médias" during the Roberval Award 2016.

Published on 11 December 2016
The ROBERVAL award is an international francophone competition that awards books, audio-visual or multimedia works devoted to the explanation of technology. These works are conceived and produced in French, because thinking and communicating technology in French is a mean to make it part of our culture and our heritage. 

From several hundred books in competition, the book was first pre-selected with 75 other to represent the general public category. A second selection led it among 6 finalists of the general public category. On December 11, 2016, at the ceremony of proclamation of the winners, held at the Imperial Theater of Compiègne, the book "Light in Light" received the 'coup de cœur' prize of the media together with a book by Christian Duquennoi, entitled "The wastes from the Big Bang to the present day". 

The complete list of the Roberval Awards can be found on the website or on the Facebook page of the prize.

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