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PhD position offer

Effects of histone mark dynamics

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Published on 6 June 2023
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A 3-year PhD position is available to work on an integrative developmental and cellular biology in the teams of Christel CARLES (Chromatin Dynamics and Developmental Transitions, ChromDev at LPCV) and of Jean-Philippe KLEMAN (Integrated Imaging Group, Cellular Imaging platform at IBS). Motivated individuals interested into studying at different scales, the effects of histone mark dynamics on plant development, gene expression/transcription dynamics, nuclear structure and finally on chromatin landscapes, are invited to apply. The successful candidate will employ methods ranging from developmental genetics, molecular epigenetics, cell biology and super-resolution microscopy.

Working Environment
The ChromDev and Epigenetic Regulators teams are part of the IRIG Institute, located on the Polygone Campus in Grenoble, a rich environment for research in biology, with several leading laboratories and infrastructures that possess state-of-the-art equipments for molecular biology, biochemistry, structural biology and imaging. The two supervisors combine expertises in developmental genetics, molecular epigenetics and high-resolution microscopy, allowing the PhD student to acquire a multidisciplinary experience. The hired student will enroll the graduate program of the Chemistry Biology & Health Graduate School, offering excellence-level training and international immersion. Located in a beautiful scenery within the Alps, Grenoble is a vibrant city with a large population of students and researchers, and offers many cultural, sportive and outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, arboretum and alpine botanical visits...).

Candidate Profile
We are seeking highly motivated candidates with a strong will to get involved into their research projects and prior experience in one or more of the following discipline​s: molecular biology, cell biology, microscopy, developmental genetics, functional epigenetics. Experience in plant biology is a plus but not mandatory. Effective oral and communication skills and strong ability to report and present data, as well as good skills in English (written and oral communication) are expected.
Excellent collaboration skills, high capacity to take initiatives and to gain in autonomy are required.

Your application should consist in a single pdf file containing a cover letter, a CV with contact names for recommendation, and a record of transcripts (Bachelor & Master degrees). Please send the application file by the 30th June 2023, to: Christel Carles and Jean-Philippe Kleman

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Selected publications​
Fal et al. New Phytol 2023
Fal et al. IJMS 2021
Yan et al. Nature Plants 2018
Dufour et al. Comm Biol 2023

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