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µLife: Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging

Published on 7 February 2019

Fluorescence microscopy techniques make it possible to observe in real time the dynamics of molecules involved in given cellular processes. In recent years, research efforts have focused on the development of techniques to push resolution boundaries while maintaining the dynamic nature of observations. To integrate these issues, the institute choose to pool a set of equipment offering complementary possibilities around a platform accessible to all. Possessing two "conventional" confocal microscopes, the μLiFe platform has also been equipped with a confocal spinning disk allowing rapid dynamic imaging in several dimensions. In parallel, the platform was equipped with an evanescent wave microscope (TIRF) and a last generation confocal equipped with high sensitivity detectors to perform high resolution and super-resolution molecular imaging. Additionally, through its involvement in research activities, it offers state-of-the-art expertise in the fields of laser photoablation or force measurement by TFM. Lastly, based on strong industrial partnerships, the platform offers users the opportunity to use and test innovative equipment upstream of their commercialization.

Different services are offered to users of the platform: an assessment of the suitability of the project of interest with the proposed techniques; advice on preparation of pre-acquisition samples; hands-on training on equipment and personalized follow-up during initial use, allowing free access to equipment and their use independently; the possibility of temporarily storing its data and transferring it via a server dedicated exclusively to the users of the platform; advice on appropriate testing techniques.