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La cerise dans la labo !

Des femmes de sciences inspirées et inspirantes

"La Cerise dans le Labo" is an initiative of the CEA, which wanted to give a voice to 13 women scientists recognized in their field and involved in the major issues of our time. Alexandra Colin, a researcher at our laboratory, is honored.

Published on 10 March 2023

Editor: EDP Sciences
By Lucie Lemoine Claudie Haigneré (Preface), Judith Lorne (Illustrator), Marine Joumard (Illustrator), Collective
ISBN: 978-2-7598-3090-9
2023, 73 pages

Available in French

Lucie Le Moine (author), Charline Forns (illustrator), Judith Lorne (illustrator), Laura Cardoso (illustrator), Lorène Gaydon (illustrator), Lucie Albrecht (illustrator), Mathilde Payen (illustrator), Reine Dibussi (illustrator), Victoria Denys (illustrator), Kei Lam (illustrator), Line Hachem (illustrator), Marine Joumard (illustrator), Lalex Andrea (illustrator), Léonie Massot Floury (illustrator)