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Phenotypic characterization of microalgae mutants - microalgae

Funded Postdoctoral internship.
Published on 5 March 2019

The position is based in our laboratory and will be part of a joint research program with an industrial company. The project consists in the construction of genetically and metabolically modified microalgae, for the production of molecules of interest for bioenergy. The research program requires a strong technical expertise in cell culture, preferably microalgae, or microorganisms (yeast) or higher plants and analytical methods for characterization of molecules of interest.

Required expertise and Prospects
PhD level, with a background in cell biology (microalgae / yeast / Arabidopsis) and biochemistry.
Expertise in at least one of the following disciplines: metabolism, physiology, cell biology, analytics.

Other information
8 months minimum, up to 18 months.
Beginning as soon as possible.
Contact: Send curriculum, motivation letter and references to Eric Maréchal

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