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Linking cilia-based motility with regulation of photosynthesis

Funded Master 2 internship.
Published on 17 April 2019
Master 2 research scholarship program
A Master 2 research position is available in the team of Dimitris Petroutsos, “Sensing and Signalling in Microalgae” (Signal). Motivated candidates interested in gene expression regulation in photosynthetic algae are invited to apply.

The successful candidates will receive from the GRAL Labex a scholarship of 8000€ in order to cover the academic year from September to June, which includes 4 month of courses and 6 month of laboratory training..

Description of the project
The unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii has been a long-standing model sys-tem for studying photosynthesis. Chlamydomonas has two flagella that allow it to swim to-wards optimal light conditions. Although Chlamydomonas and mammals are separated by 1 billion years of evolution, Chlamydomonas flagella are amazingly similar in structure and function to mammalian flagella (cilia) and have been used to study human developmental disorders and diseases of the lung, kidney, and eye, all of which contain cilia. In our lab we have recently discovered that the blue-light sensor phototropin, localized in the flagella and plasma membrane, regulates photosynthesis under conditions of excess light. The proposed project will focus on exploring the potential signalling role of flagella in the response to excess light and aims to establish a novel link between flagella and photosynthesis regulation. This will be achieved by combining complementary techniques such as: genetics (flagella-less mutants), biochemistry (immunoblotting), gene expression (qPCR) and single-cell sub-cellular targeted laser excitation.

The application should consist in a single pdf file containing a cover letter, a CV with contact names for recommendation, and a record of transcripts (Bachelor & Master degrees). Please send the application file, before May 5, by email to: Dimitris Petroutsos.
Details on the scholarship application can be found here.

Gene expression regulation, photosynthetic microalgae, light signalling, flagella, excess light.

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