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Former members of the team

Published on 5 January 2019

Ali Awada, M2 UGA-Univ Nabathieh (March-July 2017)
Elda Bauda
, L2 UGA (June 2017)
Béatrice Berthet
, Master student
Pauline Brun, L3 UGA (Jan 2017)
Evelina Damyanova, Master student, Sofia University, Bulgaria (Nov 2013–April 2014)
Armelle Dongois, M1 UBP Clermont (May–Aug 2014)
Julia Engelhorn
, former Post-doctoral Fellow on a Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship, now member of the "Epigenetic control of plant development" group (dir. Jose Gutierrez-Marcos)
Kateryna Fal, visiting PhD student, Basel University, Switzerland (May 2013, Jan 2014)
Enora Frémy, M1 student (March-May 2016)
Huan He, former master student, now PhD student at UGA (Mohamed-Ali HAKIMI team at the Institut Albert Bonniot of Grenoble)
Pauline Hérisson-Garin, L3 UGA (Jan 2018)
Claire Jourdain, M1 UPS Toulouse (March-June 2017)
Morgane Lapeyre, L3 Pro student (March-July 2016)
Fanny Moreau, former PhD Student on a Rhône-Alpes Region Fellowship
Emeline Pano, UC Fresno, USA (May– July 2017)
Marie Pireyre, former master student, now PhD student at the DynaMo Center, University of Copenhagen
Emmanuel Tergemina, former master student, now PhD student in Franziska Turck lab, Max Planck Institute, Cologne.